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Geoff was given the all clear after his 12 rounds of chemo and we were thrilled.  Then less than 2 years later it returned with a vengeance.  Stage IV - colon, liver, lungs and bones.  I remember calling Filomena in tears and she said, “there are no tears here, together we are going to fight”.   The next thing I know, she made sure we got in to see one of the best doctors so we could find out what our options were.  We started chemo again but unfortunately Geoff ended up with a fever after his 2nd round and was hospitalized and passed away after becoming septic 2 months later. 

To this day I look back and ask myself if there was something more I could have done.  Well, if you ask Filomena, who is relentless in the fight against Colon Cancer, there is!!!   Her/my new mission is to bring awareness to the fact that we need to be screened much earlier.  I am so grateful to know Filomena and having three daughters, who will need to be screened, you can bet I am right on board with her. 

Joy Coulson


I had five sessions of chemo and then a surgical date where both the colon and liver were resected during the same procedure.  My recovery was faster than expected and now, four months later, I feel like my former self.  There were many emotional bumps along the way where I found myself losing hope.  In those moments Filomena would show up to keep me on track.  I don’t usually open up easily to new people much less give them influence over my decisions, but her inspiration was critical to keeping me focused, solution-driven, and hopeful.

Since that time, I was also diagnosed with a recurrent nodule in my lungs and a potential recurrence in my abdomen. CCRAN saw to it that I obtained a pet/ct to ensure that timely treatment would be initiated to address this disease as well as recommended the best thoracic surgical oncologist with whom to consult over the lung nodules.

I am not cured but I am living my best life and will continue to as long as possible.  I am also hopeful and when I am not, I know CCRAN will be there to set me straight.  It isn’t an easy path but with the right people there to guide and support you, the path is easier to walk. Please call CCRAN. I did. It was the best decision I made.

Carol Johnston

Stage IV Patient

When I went to an obstetrician to check out what I thought were typical pregnancy-related pains, it was the last word I had expected to hear: "carcinoma."  "Do you mean, cancer?" I replied, as anxiety began to build in my chest and my eyes welled up with tears because I knew full well what that word meant.

I have been deeply private about this traumatic experience, but I’m sharing my story now in the hopes that some good can come out of it all.  To raise awareness for other young people, who like me, thought colon cancer was an old person’s disease. In fact, colon cancer is being diagnosed in younger people at an increasing rate. Sadly, that it happened to someone like me is not an anomaly. And in the time since I completed my treatment, I have learned of too many others I know or are connected to those close to me who have been diagnosed as well.

I hope that my story can help get the message out to those who don’t realize they are at risk.


Stage III Survivor

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